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    ​​I'm appraising a small 232,000 bu. grain storage and a feed mill.  The mill is a Gearn/Ferrel-Ross built 2003 12-15 ton/hr. capacity.  Manufacturer indicates replacement cost at $2 million for a comparable unit.  Primarily interested in any help with ...

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    I might have one but it is going to cost you 3x.  LOL!  I will email it to you in a bit. ------------------------------ [James] [Rothermich] [MAI], ARA [Vice President] [Iowa Appraisal and Research Corporation] [Des Moines] [Iowa] [515.493.9865] --- ...

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    I am looking for sale barn comparables preferably in the upper Midwest but will consider sales in other areas.  Will reciprocate with any data I'm able to find.  Thanks ------------------------------ Douglas Hodge ARA Sr. Appraiser Farmers National Company ...

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