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    I am appraising 2 - 20,000 square foot turkey finisher facilities  in Northwest Ohio.  I am looking for comparable sales or replacement cost data.  I am willing to compensate for data.  Thank you!! ------------------------------ Jennifer Wilson-Oechsle ...

  • Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    Hello, I am working on an appraisal of a High Rise Layer Barn with a capacity of 168,000 birds in northwestern Ohio.  I am searching for any comparable sale data for this type of barn.  I am also looking for any obsolesce data where properties have sold ...

  • Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    Good Afternoon Once again I am looking for odd sales.  The simplest would be sales of small feed mills, rather old facilities, in rural markets. Then, would any one have any data on parking lots that have been leased, such as for a used car lot?  I ...

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