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    I am working on an appraisal of a 3,000 cow dairy facility with a 60 cow rotary parlor, 9,500 acres, multiple houses and outbuildings. Looking for sales of large CAFO dairy facilities and/or large acreage.  Willing to reciprocate.  Thanks in advance! ...

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    Good afternoon - A long time ASFMRA member in California is closing his appraisal office and looking to 're-home' some historical items. He has ASFMRA Journals dating back into the 80's as well as Journals of Agricultural Economics, USDA Soil Maps, etc. ...

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    I downloaded a free file from the IL Department of Revenue.  The file was too large for my purposes as it included all the sales in the State.  The file converted to Excel so the excess sales should be sortable to be deleted. ------------------------------ ...

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