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    I am appraising a roughly 200 acre sand/gravel pit in Michigan, real estate component (not the operating company/equipment). It has roughly 7mil tons of net reserve in situ presently. I am researching sales of land purchased for extraction of known ...

  • Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    I have an appraisal colleague that is not an ASFMRA member who is appraising a grain elevator/feed mill in Ohio. They report that the capacity is 1,615,000 vertical bushels and 1,746,000 bushels of flat storage. The were looking for sale comps across ...

  • Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    We are seeking ideas for a third-party soil testing program to be implemented when Solar options are exercised. We should use GPS and split samples, where we test half of the samples and retain the other samples for up to 50 years in storage. · ...

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