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    I am appraising a commercial fish farm in the upper Midwest on approximately 60 acres.  It has 40-50 ponds from 1/10th to 1 acre in size.  It produces primarily Walleye and Perch.  Does anyone have sales information for these types of facilities.  Any ...

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    Just a reminder to Save the Date for ASFMRA Education Week 2019!  Here a just a few things that we have planned, so get excited! On Sunday a NEW seminar:   Introduction to Cannabis Operations Valuation being presented by JoAnn Wall, ARA - you don't want ...

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    ​Wyatt, The banks technically do not have to inform the appraiser that it is being transferred or used by another financial institution.  Usually the only way an appraiser finds out is if the second bank wants their name added to the report for some ...

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