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    I am appraising a property that includes a swine farrowing facility and a new 7000 square foot home in Northwest Ohio.  Does anyone have sales of very nice homes on properties with large livestock facilities?  I am hoping to identify how much obsolescence ...

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    Mark Williams and I are looking for ANY information on sod farms that you may have! Sales or listings of sod farms Methods/Calculations used to obtain the contributory value of sod Cost/expenses related to sod farms Appropriate Cap rates ...

  • Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    We are working on a project that had a marina along a large river.  Boat docks, restaurant/store, fuel depot.  Would any one have seen a sale of something like that along a river? Thanks Boyd Harris, ALC ------------------------------ Boyd Harris, ALC ...

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  • Local values can differ widely

    From neighborhood to neighborhood, there are ranges in value for the same quality land. Many factors influence local values including the number of recent land sales, influence of local livestock production, and recent crop production results. The highest-quality ... more

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