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    ​ Good afternoon Gary, I may have some information sitting around here from out this way.  Will look them up and send them to you.  Might be a little older though.  I'm about due for a winery assignment this way anyways.  Will forward to you as well ...

  • Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    ​Hello Gary, I appraise quite a few vineyards in western Michigan and think I have some comparables that may be helpful to you.  Give me a call on my cell at 586-980-9573 and we'll see if we can help you out. I would also be interested in a few more ...

  • Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    I have been asked to consider appraising a fairly new build winery in northern Ohio (Approx. 5 years old). It is fairly small 2-3 thousand Sq. Ft. but quite nice. Does anyone have any sales they would be willing to share. Willing to pay for them if they ...

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  • Montana buys farm northwest of Miles City for $11.3M — its most expensive land buy to date

    The State Land Board approved the most expensive land purchase in the state’s history on Feb. 20, the $11.3 million acquisition of almost 17,000 dryland acres 25 miles northwest of Miles City in Rosebud County. The vote approving the purchase was 4-1 ... more

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