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    Our firm is valuing several tracts of land located in South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota region. All the properties are encumbered with conservation easements.  Looking for assistance with sales of similar encumbered properties. Willing to pay or ...

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    ​Thanks Cody for the response. Any information on solar panels would be helpful including income information. From internet searches, it appears that it take about 8.5 years to pay for themselves. Of course, if taxpayers help out the payoff is much less. ...

  • Posted in: Ag Open Forum

    ​I have a subject property that has conservation easement - CRP Wetland Wildlife Habitat.  In year 3 of 15.  Significant acreage, that was all farmable prior to contract. Hoping there are some sales out there that may be comparable.  Thank you in advance ...

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  • Fourth Annual Drop for Nebraska Farmland Prices

    For 2018, Nebraska farmland prices average $2,745, which is a 3% drop from a year ago. This annual drop is less than the 9% drop seen in 2017 and similar to the 4% drop reported in 2016, according to a preliminary report of the 2018 Nebraska Farm Real ... more

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