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    ​Thank you to all that have responded to my request for any information regarding solar panels. I have received information on leases, construction and a few sales. As this energy source continues to develop in our market, I'm sure more of us will be ...

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    I will appraising the possible purchase of 18,000 +/- acres in the lower Mississippi delta as a recreational property.  I am seeking comparable sales of hardwoods used for recreation.  If you have comparable sales that you would be willing to share, I ...

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    Hi Mark I've been working with CE's for 40 years and, while there aren't a lot of CE encumbered sales in New York, we do have several that we could send to you.  But I have found that the CE values can be tied to the fee simple values, since the CEs are ...

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  • Fourth Annual Drop for Nebraska Farmland Prices

    For 2018, Nebraska farmland prices average $2,745, which is a 3% drop from a year ago. This annual drop is less than the 9% drop seen in 2017 and similar to the 4% drop reported in 2016, according to a preliminary report of the 2018 Nebraska Farm Real ... more

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